About me

I was born in Luton in 1940 and had a secondary modern school education. I left when I was fifteen without any qualifications. However I was always keen on drawing and was twice awarded top of the school art prize. My school teacher recommended that my parents send me to art school. This I was firmly against as I wanted to serve an engineering apprenticeship with a local engineering company.

As a drawing office boy I used to sketch on the back of old drawings during my lunch breaks. One of the draughtsmen asked me why I didn’t consider technical illustration?

I didn’t know what it was and he explained that it was drawing mechanical parts for manuals and such like. I latched on to his suggestion as it would seem to combine my interest in engineering and drawing.

After qualifying as an instrument draughtsman on completion of my apprenticeship, I was asked if I would like to work as a technical illustrator in the newly created ‘Instructions Department’? I accepted and the company even allowed me to enrol at the local college to do a technical illustration course with a City and Guilds qualification at the end.

I spent the next 30 years as a technical illustrator at various companies including Vauxhall Motors. Eventually I went self-employed in 1976. It was not until I was fifty-three that I decided to have a go at painting portraits. After completing a few portraits I did a painting of a Scania lorry for my young son (see Commercial Vehicle gallery).

My next vehicle was the Chevrolet (see Classic Cars gallery) and I discovered that I much preferred painting mechanical objects rather than people. All my paintings are produced using acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

In 2000 I started to ‘play around’ with computer graphics and was commissioned to produce a series of illustrations for a new book that was to be published. The software I was using didn’t lend itself to well for doing technical illustration. It was not until 2014 that I found some new software that enabled me to do technical illustrations. I have now added a new section to this website (see Computer Graphics).